Residential Services in Gainesville, FL

Honest, Friendly, and Family-Owned

Your home is a significant investment, but it’s also more than that: it’s where you and your family find comfort and safety. That’s why the team at Preston Link Electric knows the importance of periodical home electrical check-ups.

Our extensive training and advanced technology focus on detecting hidden electrical concerns in your home, even if they’re hiding behind your walls. This proactive approach allows us to identify threats that can pose serious risks to your family and home.

Fully bonded and insured, Preston Link Electric is the perfect company to handle your residential needs from changing a light switch to whole-home renovations. We do it all.

Preston Link Electric has been providing residential electric service in and around Gainesville for over 30 years. We’re backed by years of experiences, and we’re up-to-date on modern advances in energy efficiency. Whether you want to reduce your energy bill or make your home green, we can help you.

Our Residential Electrical Services