Reduce Your Down Time

Ensure Safety and Comfort

Whether you’ve experienced hurricane damage, or your power has gone out after the latest thunderstorm, at Preston Link Electric we have the experience and expertise to ensure that you spend as little time without electricity as possible.

Reduce Your Down Time During a Power Outage

We have dealt with many a hurricane season here in North Central Florida, and have helped many Gainesville area residents with their power. We’ll coordinate with your utility and company and set up permitting and emergency same day inspections when possible. By reacting quickly and communicating directly with your power provider, we’re able to reduce the amount of time you go without power.

If you’re concerned about prolonged periods without power, we can make sure that your home is provided for with generators that can give you power in an emergency.

Call Us Today!

If you’re concerned about losing power in a storm, or your home has experienced physical damage that has cut out your power, give us a call. We can come out and inspect your home and help fix the issue or put preventative measures in place to make sure that you are protected.